Privacy Shield

Protecting lives and assets for 2 decades with glory.

We offers a premium service to domain name registrants to protect their personal information from being displayed in the public Whois database. The Whois database is a public directory of contact information for each individual or organization that has registered a domain name. The presence of a Whois database is required by ICANN, the governing body of Internet regulations, for each domain registrar to store accurate contact information for all domain names under management.



Why Us 

sDomain Name registrants purchase our service to protect their privacy online and is mostly used as a countermeasure to fight unsolicited advertisements (UCE/Spam), ID theft and fraud. Many spammers scan the Whois database and use it to feed their mailing lists.

Protecting Whois information keeps their personal information off of these lists, so that registering a domain doesn’t become an open invitation to receive spam.

Our service is compliant with all ICANN policies regarding the proper storage and display of information in the Whois database. ICANN requires every registrar or organization that offers domain name registration services to have contact information for each domain registered on its platform. We stores this contact information in a private database for each Whois record.

Contacting Registrants

To reach any domain contact of a domain protected by us, simply use the Domain contact form on our site.

Please be aware that domain contacts are not required to reply to email they receive. We are unable to assist with any domain contacts that will not respond to attempts to reach them.

Existing Customers:

For questions regarding support services such as assistance adding or removing the service please contact your domain provider.

For inquiries regarding Whois Privacy Protect services, or to report abuse or infringement of trademarks (or other rights) please us our contact form.








Years of Service

Our Approach

Our approach and methodlogy is fully compliant will all applicable laws, regulations and ICANN rules. We offer a simply pricing structure to easy use